No: 12, 12 January 2018, Press Release Regarding Israel’s Advancement Of Procedure Related To The Construction Of More Than 1000 Additional Housing Units In Illegal Settlements And The Use Of Excessive Force Against Palestinians

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 12.01.2018

We strongly condemn the Israeli authorities’ advancement procedure related to the construction of more than 1000 additional housing units in illegal settlements in the West Bank which they keep under occupation and loss of two lives in Gaza and Nablus due to acts of the occupying power.

Israeli government is immediately required to stop this irresponsible attitude violating the fundamental rights of Palestinian people primarily the right to live, bearing the risk of resulting in a conflict in the region, violating the international law and relevant UN resolutions and disregarding any reaction of the international community.

Ahmet Melih Ulueren Ambassador
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